Welcome - Strategic Management COMM 4353   Strategic Management
Strategic Management focuses on how a firm competes at various levels (functional, business, corporate, and international). The course is designed to analyze the sources of competitive advantage among firms and to develop knowledge and skills necessary for effectively analyzing, formulating, and implementing strategy. By the end of the course, the student should: 1. Understand the key concepts, tools and techniques in competitive strategy, strategy formulation, and strategy implementation; 2. Understand relevant methods and decision criteria in making strategic decisions; 3. Have an ability to use the appropriate concepts, tools, and techniques when discerning key issues, analyzing situations, and making sound decisions in a variety of strategic situations; and 4. Have oral and written communication skills that enable the effective presentation of strategic management and implementation concepts within the case-study format.
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: All required CORE first, second, and third year courses, including the three work-terms, for the Bachelor of Commerce (Co-op) program.
EXCLUSIONS: COMM 4351.03, COMM 4352.03, MGMT 4001.02 and MGMT 4002.03