Welcome - Probability and Statistics for CS CSCI 2360   Probability and Statistics for CS
This course is an introduction to probability theory and statistics with applications to computer science, in particular to data science and experimental computer science. Students will be introduced to the idea of random numbers and the formal language of reasoning with uncertainty as well as with the basic tools and an outlook of advanced tools for experimental investigations in computer science such as HCI. What is a random number, probability mass and density functions, data analytics, probabilistic reasoning, basic hypothesis testing, sample size estimation, and inter-rater reliability. Applications and relevance of these concepts in computer science will be emphasized.
PREREQUISITES: CSCI 1300 or MATH 1000 or MATH 1280) and (CSCI 1105 or CSCI 1110 or CSCI 1503 or CSCI 2202)
EXCLUSIONS: STAT 2060, ENGM 2032, ECON 2260, MATH 2060