Welcome - Fran├žais fondamental/Basic French FREN 1005   Fran├žais fondamental/Basic French
For students with little or no previous background in French, for example students with grade 8-11 core French (online Placement Test required: www.dal.ca/frenchtest). This course presents the basic components of French grammar with an emphasis on simple sentence types, and develops all four language skills: speaking & writing, and listening & reading comprehension. It also provides an introduction to Francophone culture worldwide. This course is normally followed by FREN 1045.06 or 1047.03 (for students who have achieved a final grade of B+ or above), or FREN 2005.06 for students who do not wish to major in French. This course satisfies the Bachelor of Arts Language Requirement.
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: Online Placement Test required: dal.ca/frenchtest
EXCLUSIONS: FREN 1000.06, 1006.06, 1050.06, 1007.03, 1008.03