Welcome - Women, Gender and Music MUSC 3066   Women, Gender and Music
The course explores the variety of ways in which gender shapes musical discourse. The role of gender in music will be examined through three broad topics: the history of female contributions to music as musicians, composers, patrons and listeners; musical constructions of gender, race, class and sexuality; and feminist criticism in recent musical discourse. Music students will be directed to more technical literature for their assignments and research paper, and will be required to engage in more technical descriptions of the music for all written work.
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: Any one of: MUSC 2016.03, MUSC 2018.03, MUSC 2019.03, MUSC 2020.03, MUSC 2022.06, MUSC 2023.03, MUSC 2024.03, MUSC 2026.03, MUSC 2028.03, MUSC 2045.03, MUSC 2131.03, MUSC 2164.03, MUSC 2175.03, MUSC 2210.03, MUSC 2213.03, MUSC 2221.03, MUSC 2276.03, MUSC 2354.03