Welcome - People and Culture: Introduction to Social Anthropology SOSA 1002   People and Culture: Introduction to Social Anthropology
This course is an introduction to Social Anthropology. Social anthropologists study cultural diversity in western and non-western societies. Often living among the people they study, anthropologists attempt to understand the structures that shape and constrain peoples’ lives, and the ways in which people make sense of their changing circumstances. Classic studies focused on rural people in the developing world (hunter-gatherers, pastoralists, peasants). Contemporary studies are just as likely to focus on development, migration, artists, boardroom rituals or street gangs. Theories and methods from anthropology can be applied to a wide range of academic and practical settings including development, politics, economics, health, law, art, and human rights.
FORMAT: Lecture
EXCLUSIONS: SOSA 1050.06 and SOSA 1100.06