English Area Groupings - Creative Writing: Fiction I ENGL 3099   Creative Writing: Fiction I
This course provides students with an opportunity to write and workshop fiction and to develop skills as fiction writers. Students receive peer feedback on their original works of fiction in a workshop environment and explore narrative techniques required of fiction writing such as setting, character development, point of view, theme, tone, mood, dialogue, scene, exposition, and figurative language. Various skills are developed through the sharing of individual and collaborative expression, and the understanding of the movement from a first draft to a work of fiction that one feels ready to share toward publication. Students learn from instructors who have both current knowledge of creative writing theory and current, practical publication experience.
FORMAT COMMENTS: Writing Workshop
PREREQUISITES: Completion of CRWR 2000.06 or CRWR 2002.03; or 60.0 credit hours, including 6.0 credit hours at the 1000 level in ENGL, CRWR, KING or PERF.