BSc or BA (120 credit hour) Concentrated Honours in Physics - Modern Physics PHYC 2515   Modern Physics
This course introduces two physics revolutions: Einstein's theory of special relativity and the theory of quantum mechanics. Important early experiments are considered throughout the course. We consider length contraction, time dilation, and relativistic kinematics. Then, to account for wave-like properties of matter, we introduce complex wave functions in one-dimension and show how they lead to energy quantization, Schrodinger's equation, and penetration into classically forbidden regions. Other topics of modern physics, such as random walks (transport theory) may be introduced. A tutorial is offered.
  • Lecture
  • Tutorial

FORMAT COMMENTS: tutorial 1.5 hours
PREREQUISITES: PHYC 1190.03/1290.03 or PHYC 1300.06 or SCIE 1500.03, and a 1000 level calculus course