Welcome - Agricultural Ecosystems (A) AGRI 1000   Agricultural Ecosystems (A)
This course is an introduction to agriculture and food systems. The principles of agricultural production as studied in the disciplines of animal science, plant science, agricultural engineering, and soil science will be integrated to give a comprehensive view of agricultural ecosystems. Course work will include lectures, laboratories, problem-solving exercises, and small-group work. The course will expose students to issues and raise questions to be considered during the remainder of their undergraduate careers. The goals of this course are to provide students with knowledge of the application of science to agriculture, and to assist students to understand the integrated nature of agriculture and food systems in both regional and global contexts. Associated course goals are to develop communication and independent learning skills and the ability to function effectively in team situations, and to stimulate students to think critically, logically, and quantitatively while respecting the values and ideas of others.
NOTES: Fall semester
  • Lecture
  • Lab
  • Tutorial

FORMAT COMMENTS: lab and/or tutorial 2 hours per week.