Welcome - Topics in the History of Sexuality GWST 4330   Topics in the History of Sexuality
This seminar is intended for senior undergraduates. The specific content of the course varies from year to year, with a general focus on comparative, historiographic and theoretical issues relating to the history of sexuality. Topics may include: the rise and fall of schools of sexology as embodied by Ellis, Freud and Kinsey; sexual violence and harassment; the commodification of sexuality; the history of the body; sexuality and colonialism; gay and lesbian subcultures; and the intersection of class, race and gender in sexual experiences, discourses and communities.
FORMAT: Seminar
PREREQUISITES: HIST 2614, GWST 2300, HIST 2615, GWST 2301, HIST 3350, GWST 3300, HIST 3013 or GWST 3013