Welcome - Indigenous Governance LAWS 2270   Indigenous Governance
This seminar course is intended for students who want to obtain a deeper appreciation of governance systems and structures that currently apply to First Nation communities pursuant to the Indian Act and other federal legislation and policy, spanning areas such as elections, the exercise of Band Council authority through resolutions and by-laws, membership, essential services program devolution, land issues and economic development, employment and human rights issues on reserve, and dispute resolution mechanisms. This course will also examine systems beyond the Indian Act, including systems that First Nations communities are currently engaging in and aspiring towards, such as self-government and greater implementation of customary and Indigenous law. This course will be useful for students who intend to work closely with First Nations communities or organizations and government departments servicing those communities. As opposed to being a general survey of the legal and policy issues affecting Indigenous Peoples in Canada, like the Aboriginal Peoples and the Law course, this course will make governance issues affecting First Nations communities its focal point.
NOTES: Assessment Method: Major paper and class participation. This course may be counted towards a Certificate in Environmental Law.
FORMAT: Lecture