Course Descriptions FREN 4933   Séminaire “de spécialisation”/Honours Seminar, Honours Essay
The honours seminar is a compulsory preliminary to the honours essay or oral presentation and is given as a fall term course for honours students in their graduating year writing their Honours Essay in French. The seminar prepares students to write the honours essay, beginning with a detailed outline of the work. It provides instruction, advice, and guidance on all the essential steps for producing the honours essay, from selecting and researching a topic, through planning and drafting the text, to matters of form and style. Students continue the work begun in the seminar by working individually with a supervisor during the winter term.
FORMAT: Seminar
PREREQUISITES: Only open to students in graduating year of French Honours program.

FREN 4994   FREN 4995, FREN 4996, FREN 4997, FREN 4998, FREN 4999: Recherches indépendantes/Independent Research
May only be taken with the approval of the Chair or the Undergraduate Advisor.
FORMAT: Seminar
FORMAT COMMENTS: Independent study
PREREQUISITES: 3000-level French literature or linguistics course