Italian Studies
Location: Marion McCain Arts and Social Sciences Building
6135 University Avenue
Room 1114
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Halifax, NS
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Courses in Italian studies are administered by the French Department. The Minor in Italian is open to all students and can be combined with any major. New admissions to the Italian second major and honours programs have been suspended. The Minor remains open.


Learning to read and speak Italian offers access to an important world culture. While modern Italy began to emerge in its present-day form in the 19th century, the civilizations that preceded it have exerted a strong influence on contemporary culture. Whether in religion, art, music, or science, Italy's past offers many keys to the present. Through its tradition of global exploration and entrepreneurial endeavors, Italy has played a significant role in world history. Today, it is one of the world's wealthiest democratic nations, and a leader in a variety of fields, including film, design, cuisine, and intellectual life. Courses in Italian literature and culture, building on courses in Italian language, will open up to the student this wide and fascinating array of topics.

Degree Programs

  1. Minor in Italian Studies, open to all students.
  2. Major currently suspended.

In addition to the departmental requirements listed below, currently declared students must satisfy the requirements outlined in the Degree Requirements section.