Theatre - Fountain School of Performing Arts
Location: Dalhousie Arts Centre, Room 514
6101 University Avenue
P.O. Box 15000
Halifax, NS
B3H 4R2
Telephone: (902) 494-3772
Fax: (902) 494-2801


Dalhousie enables you to study many aspects of theatre within the vibrant context of our multi-disciplinary Fountain School of Performing Arts. Our offerings range from classes in playwriting, directing, and theatre history, to an acting program entered by audition, to hands-on instruction in costume making, set design, props building, and more. Through our programs, students can develop expertise as designers, directors, performers, and audience members, in styles ranging from classical to contemporary.

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre offers focused studies to prepare graduates for careers or further study in many areas, including acting, theatre studies, stage design, the fashion industry, and more. Through experiential learning, training in theatre teaches poise, discipline, creativity, collaboration, empathy, and the ability to think on one’s feet. These transferable skills are excellent preparation for many career paths in and beyond the performing arts.

We offer BA Honours degrees in Acting, Costume Studies, Stage Design & Technical Theatre, and Theatre Studies. These programs can sometimes be completed as a Combined Honours degree with another subject. We offer a two-year Diploma in Costume Studies. You can also pursue more general theatre degrees, including BA Major and Double Major. You can complete a Minor in Theatre to enhance your degree. You can also take courses in Theatre as electives to complement your studies in other disciplines.

The degree programs involve a curriculum of Theatre courses and a selection of other courses in different disciplines. The University has Academic Regulations which specify how these programs must be arranged. These regulations are all listed earlier in this Calendar, and prospective students should refer to them to become aware of the opportunities offered. There are a surprising number of different ways to arrange one’s studies; recommended here are the paths you can follow if Theatre is your primary interest.


The Fountain School of Performing Arts is located in the Dalhousie Arts Centre. Theatre facilities include one proscenium theatre, two studios, and supporting workshops. Teaching spaces for costume studies are currently located off-campus. The School office is in Room 514 of the Arts Centre.

Because of the work involved, some theatre courses have a limited enrolment. All students wishing to take any practical course in Theatre should, therefore, first consult with the Fountain School.

PLEASE NOTE: Theatre by its nature requires evening work. Students, especially in Acting, Stage Design and Technical Theatre, and Costume courses, are advised not to undertake other evening commitments.

Degree Programs

In addition to the Fountain School requirements listed below, students must satisfy the requirements outlined in the Degree Requirements section of this calendar.