Diploma in Meteorology

Students with a general 90 credit hour BSc degree in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, or other quantitative disciplines, may apply for admission into a one year Diploma in Meteorology program, provided they have completed the appropriate Physics and Mathematics courses. A strong background in Physics and Mathematics is necessary, and courses taken should cover Vector Calculus and differential equations. More information on the Diploma in Meteorology program is available at http://atm.dal.ca/Diploma_in_meteorology/.

Course requirements

  • PHYC 4505.03: Atmospheric Physics/PHYC 4570.03: Light Scattering, Radiative Transfer, and Remote Sensing
  • PHYC 4540.03: Synoptic Meteorology I/PHYC 4550.03: Synoptic Meteorology II
  • PHYC 4411.03: Atmospheric Dynamics I/PHYC 4412.03: Atmospheric Dynamics II
  • PHYC 4520.03: Introduction to Atmospheric Science/PHYC 4595.03: Atmospheric Chemistry
  • OCEA 4120.03:Physical Oceanography
  • OCEA 4220.03: Numerical Modelling of Atmospheres and Oceans or another three credit hour course approved by Program Coordinator

After completion of the Diploma program, students are eligible to be considered for admission to a graduate program in Atmospheric Science at Dalhousie.