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It doesn't matter if you want to design computer games, study the safety of nuclear power plants, analyze the stock market or conduct political polls: scientists of all kinds work with numbers to measure and explore the world. That's where statistics comes in. Statistics is the study of the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data. Extracting knowledge from data helps us plan for the future and improve our quality of life.

The Dalhousie Statistics program is the only program in the Maritimes that offers a full range of undergraduate and graduate programs. Our undergraduate courses are also approved by the accreditation committee of the Statistics Society of Canada, so that our graduates can apply for the Associate Statistician designation.

Statistics makes a great undergraduate degree with wide applicability and is an essential component of any program in the sciences or social sciences.

Degree Programs

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers the following degree programs in Statistics

  • BSc or BA (120 credit hour) Honours (Concentrated)*
  • BSc or BA (120 credit hour) Combined Honours*
  • BSc or BA (120 credit hour) Major*
  • BSc or BA (120 credit hour) Double Major*
  • BSc or BA (90 credit hour) Minor in Statistics
  • Minor in Statistics

* May be combined with Minor programs from other disciplines

Departmental requirements for each degree program can be seen by following the links in the menu to the right.

In addition to departmental requirements, students must satisfy the requirements outlined in the Academic Regulations and the College of Arts and Science Degree Requirements sections. Students are advised that a number of requirements differ for the BA and BSc degrees.

A student is governed by the academic regulations in place at the time of initial enrolment, as long as the degree is completed within the time permitted (10 years). Subsequent changes in regulations shall apply only if the student so elects. Students applying the old academic regulations should consult the calendar of the appropriate year.

Students should plan their programs of study carefully and are strongly encouraged to do so in consultation with a Statistics undergraduate academic advisor.