Admission Dates 2019/2020

Final Dates for Receipt of Applications for Admission

Regular Session - September Start Date

  • Graduate Studies1,2 (except as below)                   June 1
  • Non-Canadian Students (Graduate Studies)              April 1

Several programs have different application deadlines. Please refer to the specific departmental sections in the calendar for these dates

 1 All supporting documentation must be submitted by the appropriate deadline.

2 Consideration for scholarship support often requires applications to be completed before the indicated deadlines to allow for program review and nomination. Please review scholarship deadlines on the Faculty of Graduate Studies Funding Opportunities website, and plan to submit complete applications in advance of these deadlines.

Admission in January or May

Some programs allow for a student to start either January 1 or May 1. Check the detailed program descriptions or with the department directly to see if such start dates are permitted. See Faculty Regulation 4.2, for appropriate application deadlines.

General Application Deadlines Canadian Applicants Non-Canadian Applicants
For September Admission June 1 April 1
For January Admission October 31 August 31
For May Admission February 28 December 31