History of Science and Technology
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History of Science and Technology Program

Science and technology shape who we are, our environments, our conditions of work and play, and what we consider to be trustworthy knowledge. The History of Science and Technology (HOST) program explores the historical, cultural, and philosophical contexts of this engagement to elucidate the nature of scientific knowledge and to understand the role of science and technology in the development of past and present societies.

HOST is an interdisciplinary program that bridges the sciences and the humanities. Our courses explore topics as diverse as the ancient origins of technology, medieval natural philosophy, alchemy and magic, ecology and the Anthropocene, the history and place of health and disease, religion and nature, the Scientific Revolution, science in movies, art and literature, and how modern science is influencing and transforming our political, cultural, and economic institutions.

HOST courses are open to all students registered at Dalhousie University or the University of King’s College. We also welcome visiting students (attending on a Letter of Permission) from other universities.

Degree Options

Students registered in the BA or BSc degree at either King’s or Dalhousie have two options for pursuing a degree in the HOST program: (a) the Combined Honours degree or (b) the Minor.

For general information on Bachelor of Arts program requirements, see the College of Arts and Science section of the Academic Calendar.