Certificate in Genetics

Offered by: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Biology, Microbiology & Immunology

Dr. Claudio Slamovits claudio.slamovits@dal.ca (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)
Debra Grantham grantham@dal.ca (Biology)
Dr. Ian Weaver ian.weaver@dal.ca (Medical Sciences, Psychology, Neuroscience)
Dr. Zhenyu Cheng zhenyu.cheng@dal.ca (Microbiology & Immunology - Until December 2020)
Dr. Lois Murray lois.murray@dal.ca (Microbiology & Immunology - As of January 2021)

The Certificate in Genetics provides students with an opportunity to complete a set of courses and research that will accord them recognition of specialization in genetics.

Admission to Certificate

Students should enrol in the Certificate in Genetics in their third year of studies, when they are seeking approval of the independent research component from the Certificate Coordinator for their degree program. To enrol in the Certificate in Genetics, students must declare the certificate through Dal Online (https://dalonline.dal.ca >Web for Students>Admissions>Declare Major/Minor/Certificate), and notify the Certificate Coordinator. To qualify for the certificate students must complete all course requirements, and have received approval for the research component prior to the start of the research course.

To graduate with the Certificate, students must apply to graduate with a certificate at the time they apply to graduate from their degree program.

Certificate requirements:

1. A minimum grade of a B- in four mandatory courses:

2. A minimum grade of B- in 12 credit hours chosen from the following list. At least 6 credit hours must be at the 4000 level.

2000 level
3000 level
4000 level

3. Other required courses (prerequisites for BIOC 3400.03)

4. A minimum grade of B- in three credit hours or more of independent research on a topic involving microbial genetics, molecular genetics, transmission genetics or population genetics. Co-op Work Terms are not applicable.  The research topic must be pre-approved by the Department's Certificate Coordinator prior to the start of the research course.