Certificate in Science Communication and Leadership

Offered by: Faculty of Science

Coordinator: asscdean.science@dal.ca

The focus of the Certificate in Science Communication and Leadership is to develop basic leadership and communication skills specifically in and through the sciences, to enable Dalhousie Science graduates to better understand the nature and context of science, to consider the process of change, and to have the skills to communicate and lead effectively. The Certificate is available to any undergraduate student in the Faculty of Science. The Certificate in Science Communication and Leadership builds on the content of the Science Communication Certificate: students can only receive credit for either the Science Communication Certificate or the Science Communication and Leadership Certificate.

The Certificate in Science Communication and Leadership replaces the Science Leadership and Communication Certificate. Students who enrolled in the Science Leadership and Communication Certificate prior to Fall 2022 should consult the Calendar for 2021-22 for details on completion of this Certificate.

Admission to the Certificate

Students may enroll in the Certificate in Science Communication and Leadership at any point during their undergraduate program. Students must contact the Certificate Coordinator when seeking permission to enroll in the Portfolio of Learning non-credit course required for completion of this Certificate (SCIE 4445). To enroll in the Certificate, students must declare the Certificate through Dal Online and notify the Certificate Coordinator by email that they have done so.

To graduate with the Certificate, students must apply to graduate with the Certificate at the time they apply to graduate from their degree program.

Certificate Requirements: 

 1. Leadership: Core required course

              SCIE 4444.03:  Leadership in Science

2. Communicating Science: Core required course

               SCIE 3211.03: Communicating Science

3. Science communication elective: One and no more than 2 of the following Topics in Communication: with a grade of B or better

4. Understanding the nature and context of science

                 HSTC 2400.03: Science and the Media

5. Ethics in Science: One of the following required courses

6. Discipline-specific course: Note that one of these courses may replace the second Topics in Science Communication requirement (#3 above) 

 Other courses may be considered. Please consult a coordinator.

* Cross-listed as OCEA 4331.03, HIST 3073.03, HSTC 3331.03, SCIE 4000.03

7. Portfolio of leadership development (SCIE 4445.00). Only register for this zero-credit hour course in the semester that you are submitting your completed portfolio for evaluation, once all other components are completed (or in the final stages of completion).

 The portfolio is a record that can be shared with future employers, and built upon in the future. It will document, at a minimum:

  • The activities undertaken in each of the above 6 components of the Certificate
  • Evidence of your development as a leader and communicator in science throughout the Certificate
  • Reflections on how each component fits into leadership and communication development in your discipline / science more broadly