Program Description

This program will be a minimum of three consecutive academic years in length. Basic and clinical sciences instruction will be designed to be relevant to the specialty of Periodontics. Program instruction will consist of formal courses and/or seminars, conferences, reading assignments, hospital rounds, laboratory assignments and experience in either a clinical or laboratory research.

Clinical management of patients will include a variety of experiences. Emphasis will be placed upon thoroughness of patient evaluation and accuracy in diagnosis and treatment planning in the treatment of both routine and complex cases. Students will be trained to the level of proficiency in the management of patients with periodontal diseases and mucogingival defects, including, but not limited to, healthy, geriatric patients and medically compromised patients. They will be trained to the level of proficiency in the management of patients with facial pain. They will become proficient in oral medicine and oral pathology as they relate to the periodontium, in managing patients requiring dental implant therapy and in conscious sedation techniques.

While this program is primarily aimed at developing clinical specialists, it is also intended to ensure students' participation in a research experience related to the specialty of periodontics - either in a clinical or laboratory research topic as both an investigator and author, or in the production of a systematic review with meta-analysis. They will be expected to write a scholarly paper to a standard for publication in a refereed journal. A traditional literature review will not be acceptable. In addition, students may choose to take graduate level courses (selected in consultation with their advisor) that are related to their area of research interest. The other Faculty/School involved will be required to approve the student's participation in the elective courses.

The Master of Periodontics degree takes three years to complete and is 81 credit hours in total. Below are the course requirements for the degree:

ORAL 5060.06 Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology

ORAL 6030.06  Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology

PERI 5110.09  Clinical Periodontics I

PERI 5120.03 Evidence-Based Dentistry and Biostatistics in Graduate Dentistry

PERI 6110.09  Clinical Periodontics II 

PERI 7110.09  7110 Clinical Periodontics III 

PERI 7130.09 Graduate Dentistry Seminars

PERI 7140.03 Hospital Rotation for Graduate Dentistry

PERI 7150.09 Literature Review in Periodontics

PERI 7170.18  Research Practicum in Graduate Dentistry

The successful completion of this program will lead to a Master of Periodontics.