X. Thesis Regulations - 10.7 Thesis Embargo

10.7 Thesis Embargo

When a thesis has been uploaded to DalSpace, it will normally be included in the institutional repository and the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) collection unless there is a compelling reason for withholding it. Students who wish to have their theses withheld from DalSpace and Library and Archives Canada may request an embargo for a one-year period by filling out the Application to Embargo a Thesis Form found on the Faculty of Graduat Studies website under Forms and Documents/Theses and Defences. Applications to embargo a thesis must be submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies before the student's defence.

When the submission is approved, the student and supervisor will be notified in writing of the thesis approval. This notification will include an expiration date for the embargo upon which the thesis will automatically be released. The Faculty of Graduate Studies does not send reminders regarding this date.

In certain cases, a one-year extension can be requested. Requests must be in writing to the Faculty of Graduate Studies (thesis@dal.ca) at least one month before the expiry of the initial one-year embargo. The request must include a detailed explanation of the reason for the additional one-year hold.