DDS Qualifying Program

This program facilitates Dental Graduates of non-accredited programs in gaining a DDS degree by successfully completing a three-year program.

The Faculty of Dentistry accepts up to 8 students into the DDS Qualifying Program each year.

Applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.

Application Procedure

Application forms, accompanied by a $70 application fee, must be submitted to the Registrar's Office, Dalhousie University by January 15. Applications must be submitted through the Dalhousie on-line application process, at The following documentation must be submitted by March 1 at the latest in support of an application:

1. Dental graduation certificate or equivalent.
2. University transcript (or equivalent) and calendar course descriptions, indicating the courses completed for the dental degree referred to in No. 1.
3. Demonstrated proficiency in English, e.g. an acceptable score in English tests such as TOEFL - 580 or computer-based 237; or iBT of 90 (student must achieve 4.0 on the essay or TOEFL writing test); IELTS - 6.5 (no lower than 6.0 on each band); MELAB - 81; CAEL - 70; CanTest - 4.5.
4. Results of National Dental Examining Board Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge examination. This examination is administered by the National Dental Examining Board of Canada. Information about the examination, application deadlines and registration procedures for the examination are available from the National Dental Examining Board of Canada: at 613-236-5912
5.      Resume (form available at

Competitive applicants will be required to complete an admissions interview and further evaluations at the Faculty of Dentistry. Inquiries regarding the DDS Qualifying Program at Dalhousie University should be directed to the Office of the Dean, telephone number (902) 494-2824.

Accepted students will be required to submit a tuition deposit before a specified deadline. This amount is credited toward tuition fees if the student registers, but is not refundable if he/she withdraws.

All accepted applicants must comply with Faculty of Dentistry immunization and CPR regulations as a condition of acceptance.

Immunization and CPR Requirements:

Acceptance into the Faculty of Dentistry clinical programs is conditional upon receipt of evidence of complete immunization as follows: Tetanus, Diptheria, Pertussis, Polio, Measles, (Rubeola), Mumps, Rubella, Hepatitis B (including post-immunization antibody titres), Varicella and completed 2-step Mantoux tests. It is recommended that student applicants also have an annual Influenza vaccine. Applicants are required to complete the Infectious Diseases and Dalhousie University, Faculty of Dentistry Immunization/CPR record as a condition of acceptance to the program. If Post-HB vaccination antibody test results have not been completed at the time of acceptance, at a minimum, the applicant must provide blood test results for the Hepatitis B Surface Antigen for acceptance into the program.

Applicants whose immunization results indicate that they are HBsAg positive or who have a viral load >103 IU/mL (5 x 103 GE/mL) will not be accepted into any of the clinical programs. Dalhousie University will reassess eligibility for admission should the applicant’s status change.

Students who do not acquire immunity from the HB vaccination series or who refuse the HB vaccine are susceptible to acquiring hepatitis B. Applicants in this category will not be denied admission based on these criteria. However, after admission, any student becoming HBsAg positive or whose viral load exceeds 103 IU/mL (5 x 103 GE/mL) during the course of their studies will be removed from patient care activities. Such modification of the clinical program may prevent a student from meeting graduation requirements.

Students whose viral load is greater than 103 IU/mL (5 x 103 GE/mL), have an ethical obligation to report their status to the Assistant Dean, Clinics, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs or Assistant Dean, Academic of the Faculty of Dentistry. The student will then be referred to the ad-hoc Committee on Bloodborne Pathogens.

The cost of all immunizations and blood tests are the responsibility of the student/applicant.

Annual influenza immunization is required for all students during each year of study.

Students accepted to the program must have a current CPR – HCP (Health Care Provider) or equivalent course.

A full explanation of the Faculty of Dentistry policy related to immunizations may be found on the Faculty of Dentistry website:

The admissions procedures may be amended without notice by the Faculty of Dentistry.

Criminal Records Check and Other Screening Documentation

The Faculty of Dentistry, Dalhousie University does not require a Criminal Records Check or other screening procedure (e.g. Child Abuse Registry Check, Vulnerable Sector Screen) as a condition of admission into its programs. However, students should be aware that such record checks or other screening procedures may be required by facilities (schools, community clinics, armed forces, etc.) outside the University used for clinical placements, or experiences related to an academic class assignment, which, in some instances, may be a requirement for graduation. It is the student’s responsibility to have such procedures completed. The cost of the documentation completion is the responsibility of the student.

Such facilities may refuse to accept students on the basis of information contained in the record check or other screening procedure. If the student is unable to complete a clinical requirement due to a failure to meet the record check or screening requirements of the facility; or, if the student is refused access to the facility on the basis of the information provided, such a student may fail the class, and as a result, in some instances, may not be eligible for progression or graduation.

Note that facility requirements may change from time to time and are beyond the control of the University.

Details on the requirements for such documentation and the deadlines for submission of documentation in a timely manner are provided to students by the Faculty of Dentistry after registration in the program.

Students should also be aware that some professional regulatory bodies may require a satisfactory records check/screening procedure as a condition of professional licensure.