Faculty of Dentistry
Location: Dentistry Building
5981 University Avenue
Carleton Campus
P.O. Box 15000
Halifax, NS
B3H 4R2
Telephone: (902) 494-2274
Fax: (902) 494-2527
Website: www.dal.ca/faculty/dentistry.html
Email: admissions.dentistry@dal.ca


Faculty of Dentistry at Dalhousie University has been providing an outstanding education for our students for 100 years. Our tradition is excellence and our nationally and internationally recognized faculty members educate dental professionals that we are proud to welcome as our colleagues after graduation.

The curriculum integrates biological, medical, and dental sciences, with a strong emphasis on clinical patient treatment activities beginning in the first year. Students will treat dental patients in the Faculty’s dental hospital, as well as in local hospitals and Faculty-operated community clinics. Basic science classes of the Dentistry programs are offered by Departments of the Medical Faculty. These arrangements enable students to obtain extensive and varied clinical instruction and experience. The Faculty of Dentistry was founded in 1908 and is home to one of Canada’s largest and most modern community dental clinics.

The Faculty of Dentistry offers a four year DDS program, two-year program leading to a Diploma in Dental Hygiene, a three-year DDS Qualifying Program for graduates of non-accredited dental programs to gain a DDS degree, a one-year full-time or two-year part-time degree completion program leading to a Bachelor of Dental Hygiene for graduates of an accredited diploma in Dental Hygiene program, a 12-month General Practice Residency Program, a 12-month Paediatric Dental General Practice Residency program and a 12-month Dental Specialty and Training program in oral surgery for graduates of non-accredited dental specialty programs. A six-year combined graduate program leading to the Degrees of MD/MSc in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, and a three year Masters in Periodontics program are offered through the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

The Faculty also has an office for Continuing Professional Education which arranges short classes primarily for dentists and dental hygienists.  This office also coordinates faculty and staff professional development sessions. Alumni are a vital part of the Faculty through the office of Alumni Affairs.