Faculty of Computer Science
Location: Goldberg Computer Science Building
6050 University Avenue
P.O. Box 15000
Halifax, NS
B3H 4R2
Telephone: (902) 494-2093
Fax: (902) 492-1517
Website: www.cs.dal.ca
Email: undergrad@cs.dal.ca


Computer Science is a fundamental multi-disciplinary, high-technology discipline. Computer Science forms an integral and indispensable part of higher education. The Faculty of Computer Science provides high-quality education to our students in all areas of Computer Science and Informatics and conducts excellent research in specific areas of Computer Science, emphasizing major research programs with the support and participation of Industry and Government. Our modern award-winning Computer Science building and state-of-the-art equipment permit Computer Science to conduct primary research in Algorithms, Bioinformatics, Data Mining, Health Informatics, Human Computer Interaction, Information Retrieval, Network Centered Computing, Privacy and Security and Visualization.

The Faculty of Computer Science was formed on April 1, 1997, following the amalgamation of the Technical University of Nova Scotia (TUNS) and Dalhousie University. Its members came from the School of Computer Science at TUNS and the Computing Science Division of the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computing Science at Dalhousie.

Significant growth has occurred in our formative early years. Our graduate and undergraduate programs include imaginative multi-disciplinary programs such as Electronic Commerce, Health Informatics, and Bioinformatics. The most up-to-date information on ongoing programs, ongoing curriculum revision, and general information about the Faculty can be found on our website: http://www.cs.dal.ca.

Academic Regulations

In addition to the regulations below, please see the Academic Regulations section.


A normal course load is five courses during each study term.

Course Selection

The content of every course that students take to meet degree requirements must represent new material: students may not take courses whose content is largely repetitive of, or more elementary than, a course taken earlier on the same topic, without permission of the Faculty.

Of the 120 credit hours required to complete any CS undergraduate degree, at least 60 must be taken from Dalhousie University.

Computer courses in other departments

Computer courses offered by other departments (e.g., COMM 1502.03, MGMT 1601.03) cannot be taken for credit in the Faculty's degree programs without explicit permission of the Faculty of Computer Science.


  1. Course instructors will describe methods of student evaluation during the first week of each course.
  2. Supplementary examinations are not given in Computer Science courses.
  3. A grade of at least C is required for a course to satisfy a prerequisite condition for a CSCI/INFX course.
  4. A grade of at least C is required in all Computer Science CSCI/INFX core courses to graduate with any Computer Science degree.


A student who meets the conditions for dismissal as outlined in Section 20, Academic Dismissal, of the Academic Regulations will be dismissed from the program. A student who fails more than one co-op work term will be dismissed from the co-op program.

An application for readmission to the program may be considered two terms after dismissal. A student who has been dismissed and who has been required to withdraw from the university for one term or more may be readmitted to a program in the Faculty of Computer Science only once. A readmitted student is considered to be on probation.


Computer Science students doing a minor may not use a 2000+ level course to satisfy both a major requirement and a minor requirement.  For each course that is explicitly required by both the major and the minor, the choice of an additional course in the minor subject and at the same level or higher must be used to fulfill the duplicate requirement.