Welcome - Research Methods in Biomedical Sciences BIOC 3610   Research Methods in Biomedical Sciences
An introduction to key laboratory methods in biochemistry is presented, along with relevant theory and applications. Topics include liquid handling, protein chemistry, small molecule assays, data analysis and data management. Current context and emerging methodologies are introduced by guest speakers.
NOTES: This course does not count as a Biochemistry & Molecular Biology credit towards any degree with a Major or Honours in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, but it can be counted towards a Minor In Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. Priority for enrollment will be given to students registered in the B.Sc. (Medical Sciences) program
  • Lecture
  • Lab

FORMAT COMMENTS: Alternating lectures and labs, 3 hours per week
PREREQUISITES: CHEM 2401.03, CHEM 2402.03, BIOC 2300.03, BIOL 2020.03 and BIOL 2030.03, all with grades of B- or higher; or instructor's permission.