Welcome - Experiential Learning in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology BIOC 3620   Experiential Learning in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
This course is an outside the classroom learning experience in which the student works in a research laboratory an average of one day per week acquiring biochemistry or molecular biology knowledge and skills. COORDINATOR: H-S. Ro
NOTES: To register in this course, students must first find a faculty member from the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology willing to supervise the work experience and sign a learning agreement with the supervisor.
FORMAT COMMENTS: A minimum of 72 hours for the term, representing at least 6-8 hours weekly, working in a research laboratory, an activity log and a final written report.
PREREQUISITES: BIOC 2300.03, BIOC 2610.03, BIOL 2020.03, BIOL 2030.03 (all with a grade of B- or higher), CHEM 2401.03 and CHEM 2402.03.
EXCLUSIONS: The following may not be used towards BIOC 3620: lab work that is part of another scheduled course at a learning institution, study that would qualify for Special Topics courses, co-op work terms, and paid work. The class is only open to students registered in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Degree programs, either Major or Honours, combined or concentrated. Students may not take BIOC 3620 concurrently with BIOC 4604 or BIOC 4605.