Students intending to earn one of the following certificates must also be enrolled in the Master of Digital Innovation degree program.  It is not guaranteed that all courses listed will be offered each academic year.

Certificate in Digital Business

Students opting to take the Certificate in Digital Business must take the following course as an elective:

ECMM 6000 Overview of Electronic Commerce

Plus, three of the following:

ECMM 6014 Databases, Data Warehouses and Data Mining for Electronic Commerce
ECMM 6022 Project Management: A Managerial Approach
ECMM 6026 Management of Information (E-Government): International Experiences, and Perspectives
ECMM 6068 Internet and Media Law
CSCI 6610 Human Computer Interaction
CSCI 6509 Advanced Topics in Natural Language Processing
CSCI 6505 Machine Learning
CSCI 6612 Visual Analytics
BUSI 6511 Business Process Integration Using ERP Systems
BUSI 6513 Business Analytics and Data Visualization
BUSI 5902 Starting Lean
BUSI 6002 New Venture Creation

Certificate in Health Informatics

Students opting to take the Certificate in Health Informatics must take the following courses as electives:

HINF 6101 Health Information Flow and Use
HINF 6110 Health Information Systems and Issues
HINF 6230 Knowledge Management for Health Informatics

Plus, two of the following:

HINF 6102 Health Information Standards and Use
HINF 6210 Databases and Data Mining for Health Informatics
HINF 6020 Research Methods